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Runs Automator workflow

automator runs the specified workflow. To create or edit a workflow, use the Automator application.

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Develop actions that the Automator app can load and run. View, edit, and run Automator workflows in your app

The Automator framework supports the development of actions for the Automator app, as well as the ability to run a workflow in developer apps. An action is a bundle that, when loaded and run, performs a specific task, such as copying a file or cropping an image. Using Automator, users can construct and execute workflows consisting of a sequence of actions. Developers can also load and execute workflows in their apps. As a workflow executes, the output of one action is typically passed as the input to the next action. Automator loads action bundles from standard locations in the file system: /System/Library/Automator, /Library/Automator, and ~/Library/Automator.

Automates repetitive tasks on macOS

Built-in application in macOS that allows to automate repetitive tasks by creating 'workflows' of actions that can be triggered by a specific event or manually launched by the user. With Automator, you can create custom solutions for tasks such as renaming a group of files, resizing images, or sending emails. Automator includes a library of actions that you can use to build your workflows, and you can also create your own custom actions using scripts. Automator is a powerful tool that can help you save time and streamline your workflows on your Mac.

The binary is a part of Automator application.